The Taking of Annie Thorne by C. J. Tudor

Your name is Joe.

Your sister went missing and then returned.

You noticed the change in her.

It is happening again.




Joe Thorne is a teacher who returns to the town of his youth to gain employment in the local secondary school. All of Joe’s old acquaintances still reside there. The secret amongst them still as great now as it was when they were teenagers. But, is it really a secret? How many people are affected? Where will it all end?


The Taking of Annie Thorne is a multitude of genres packed into one book. The storyline is woven so beautifully that you never know what is round the next corner. It brings chills, fear and mystery to the reader. The ending will leave you seeing stars!


It also highlights the reality between being a teenager to adulthood. The impression that one had as a teenager cannot always be relied upon in adulthood. The effect of time and maturity. This is the main theme which I have taken from the book. However, I will not elaborate further due to fears of revealing the plot.


This book is very much a different genre for myself and I believe the modern bookshelf. A book which brings mystery and horror to the table all at once. I really cannot compare it to anything else I have read! One of a kind! I cannot wait to delve into future novels by this author.


Verdict: 4 stars.


Out on the 21st February 2019!

Thank you to Jenny Platt and Michael Joseph for my free copy to review.


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